GER Products

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GER dryer
  • For biogas power generation
  • Biogas treatment
  • Biogas from renewable agricultures sources
GER dryer

Biological H2S Scrubber are suitable for use on sites with a high gas flow but do not require the use of chemicals at any stage in the process instead sulphur oxidation bacteria, of the Thiobacillus family, lives on the media which is packed into an acid proof tanks. A liquid nutrient,
NPK nutrient or digested sludge liquor, is constantly re-circulation within the tank and sprayed across the media. The temperatures of the tank must be monitored and maintained in 35-40ºC in order for the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) to be biologically converted in to sulphate through a series of oxidations.

Gas Engine

These are designed for stationary applications such as combined heat and power units and for operation with biogas or natural gas. Available in various configuration from 4-cylinder inline engines up to 20-cylinder V-engines. The performance spectrum covers a mechanical output range of 145kW to 1,070kW at 50Hz and 169kW to 1,070kW for 60Hz applications.