ABOUT US GPP Resources Berhad

GPP Resources Berhad (GPP)

GPP and its group of companies (Group) are committed to develop solutions to transform waste into resources.


Our subsidiary, Green Energy Resources (M) Sdn Bhd (GER) is an established EPCC provider of renewable energy solutions since 2008. Our core expertise and activities are geared towards utilising alternative energy sources such as natural gas, biogas, and syngas, in the application of reciprocating engines for power generators. GER is SEDA approved local engine assembler for extra incentives on Feed-in-Tariff (F.I.T.) rates. It is involved in projects in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, West Africa and Singapore. 

Our subsidiary, Profina Plywood Sdn Bhd (Profina) began transforming worthless oil palm trunks (OPT) (which were left for natural decomposition as waste) into valuable plywood since 2014. It uses a patented utility innovation in manufacturing OPT plywood and has production capacity of up to 30,000 cubic meter of OPT plywood per annum. Our OPT Plywood are exported to Japan, Middle East region, Turkey and Mexico. 


We contribute to the preservation of the environment by reusing biomass as feedstock for our biogas plants and raw materials for our OPT products. With rising environmental concerns, we will continue to contribute to the preservation of the environment by growing our business and strengthening our market presence.