TAN Tiam Aik

Promoter, Substantial Shareholder, Executive Chairman

Tan Tiam Aik, aged 61, a Malaysian, is our Executive Chairman. He was appointed to our Board on 24 May 2019 and is responsible for overseeing our Group’s strategic business planning and direction.

He has more than 30 years of experience across various fields of palm oil milling, wood processing plant, OPT plywood as well as machine design and fabrication.


He began his career in 1974 as an apprentice in an engineering, steel fabrication and manufacturing company. In 1978, he continued his career as a foreman at Dunlop Estate Limited (a palm oil milling company) located in Kluang, Johor and was responsible for maintenance of machinery. He was subsequently promoted to company technical supervisor in 1983, being responsible for maintenance of machinery and oversaw the production processes of the palm oil mill. He left the company in 1989 to start his own business.

In 1990, he founded PTSB, a company principally involved in pressure vessels fabrication and boiler repair.

In 2004, he joined Exposure Stars (now known as Green Energy) as a shareholder and was responsible for its venture into development of biogas plants. In the same year, he established ETSB which is involved in turn-key project for oil extraction plant using solvent technology (the patent of which was applied in 2003 and granted in 2009). In 2007, he ventured into palm oil plantations in Kota Marudu, Sabah as a Director of Bright Sight Sdn Bhd and was responsible in managing the plantation.

In 2014, he was appointed as the Director of Green Palm. Subsequently in July 2015, he joined Kang Sem (now known as Profina) as a shareholder, where he plays a key role in Profina’s R&D initiatives to recalibrate and modify manufacturing machinery to accommodate OPT plywood specifications and oversees Profina’s business growth direction and product diversification.

Further, he is a member to a technical committee on wood-based panels (established by MTIB) to, amongst others, assess the application and commercialisation of OPT plywood as well as develop, prepare and review standards for manufacturing of OPT plywood in Malaysia.