WEE Lok Hain

Promoter, Substantial Shareholder, Executive Director

Wee Lok Hain, aged 64, a Singaporean, is our Executive Director. He was appointed to our Board on 24 May 2019 and is responsible for overseeing the business developments and project management for Green Energy.

He graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 1979 with a Technician Diploma in Product Engineering. He has amassed over 35 years of experience of providing M&E services for power plants and related equipment.

gpp director wee lok hain

While he was studying, he worked in Rotary Engineering Limited in 1978 as a maintenance specialist providing mechanical, electrical and instrumentation support for refinery complex. He left the company in 1980 to join Durametallic Asia Pte Ltd in 1981 as Sales and Marketing Manager overseeing the sales and marketing activities of the company. He resigned from the company in 1989 to set up his own business, CPA Asia Pte Ltd and was subsequently disposed of in 1995. In the same year, he set up another company, Integrated Energy Industries Pte Ltd whereby he was responsible for business and technical development of the company. He remains as a Director of Integrated Energy Industries Pte Ltd as at the LPD.

In 1991, he assumed the role of Technical Director of Optima Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd (which is involved in the manufacturing of fixtures and toolings for semiconductors industry); and assumed Chief Executive Officer of the company from 2000 to 2011. In 1996, he joined Petsin Pte Ltd as a consultant cum freelance commission agent, providing consultancy services.

In 2011, he joined Green Energy as a shareholder and Director where he leveraged on his technical expertise in the biogas industry, particularly in the design and construction of biogas plants, to spur the growth of Green Energy in the renewable energy segment.